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Move appliances, furniture, household items, Electronics & electrical items.

Commercial & Office

Whatever your business is CargoMate drivers will deliver your products to your clients.


Construction materials, heavy equipment, industrial vehicle / machinery

Fuel & Gas

Solid fuels, liquid fuels, gaseous fuels, oils and hazardous gas

Where do you want to deliver your goods?

Short & Long Distances

CargoMate's drivers network has been strategically tailored to cover all the cities of Kingdom with legal documents and on-time delivery.

Cross Border

Wide network coverage in GCC and the Middle East Region

Start real-time delivery or schedule it for later.


CargoMate allows you to create an advertisement to schedule your pickup & delivery later.

Express Order

Or simply you can choose the "Express Order" option for the real-time transport service.

Go Green with Sustainable Transportation

Bulk Transportation

For your bulk orders you just have to create an order and CargoMate app will provide multiple pick-ups & deliveries for a single order to move your goods in a bulk quantity.

Sustainable Transportation

Make transportation easy on nature by balancing our current and future needs.

Why should you choose CargoMate?

Quantity Verification + Condition Check

Assured quality and assurance of service with condition and verification check at multiple stages.

Single Order - Multiple Vehicles

Every order created has legal documentation attached with it and shared to all involved parties involved.

Automatic Vehicle Selection

We have completely created an immersive platform where-in every new user can register themselves fully online.

Go Digital on Documentation

Auto-generates legal agreement document between Customer & Driver for each order before order goes live.

Scalable platform as per your needs.

Modular and easily accessible design.

Friendly and prompt customer support.

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